Chief judge of Illinois federal court Chicago commits felony crime & declares PTSD flashbacks to be reason to restrict a person’s constitutional rights

Posted July 10, 2011 by Linda Shelton
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Judge Holderman, in an intentional act of judicial misconduct amounting to felony treason as defined by the United States Supreme Court (see case law quoted at end of post), unless he has become mentally incompetent, in March 2010 issued illegal orders barring Writer/Plaintiff from the Chicago Dirksen Federal building, where the court is housed, except for pending civil case hearings, as well as barring her from filing any new cases including habeas, and defaming Plaintiff as having “misperceptions of ongoing events” as his basis for these orders. This is a false statement by Judge Holderman in an act of defamation of Writer’s/Shelton’s character and this order is illegal, unconstitutional and a despicable act by this dishonorable judge.

These orders were issued without any due process hearing as required by the Bill of Rights Fifth and  Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States, without any Executive Committee meeting, sue sponte [ “on his own responsibility or motion.” ] by Judge Holderman, who delusionally or intentionally misquoted Dr. Robert Galatzer-Levy, a well-known psychiatrist, in his orders. Judge Holderman’s orders state that Writer/Shelton has “misperceptions of ongoing events”. This is a false statement that overgeneralizes the statements of Dr. Galatzer-Levy who wrote that Writer/Shelton DURING FLASHBACKS, initially caused by an attack of Writer/Shelton by corrupt officers, Writer/Shelton has misperceptions of  ongoing events. Flashbacks are brief daytime dreams of real and actual events. During the flashbacks, the person feels they are reliving a life-threatening situation.

PTSD can happen to anyone experiencing a life-threatening situation such as rape victims or soldiers. 80% of soldiers returning from Iraq had PTSD. Non-violent flashbacks, PTSD, and asking the court clerks to do their jobs or asking politely for a supervisor is not disruptive to the courts – Judge Holderman is a liar, is covering up for corrupt officers, Marshals, and judges by retaliating against Writer/Shelton. Write the U.S. Attorney General and the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, Chief Justice Roberts, who is Chairman of the Federal Judicial Conference that is supposed to oversea the judges and ask them why they are tolerating this misconduct and treason. It is pretty sick and a outrageous injustice for Judge Holderman to be acting so extremely dishonorable and to be snubbing his nose at the most basic of our constitutional rights.

United States Attorney General Eric Holder
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.
Chairman of the United States Judicial Conference
Supreme Court of the United States
1 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20543

Read the posts listed on the pages to your right on this blog documenting the misconduct of the Marshal’s service against Writer/Shelton and their harassment, false arrest, and excessive force against Writer/Shelton. This has all been reported to the Office of Investigations for the Federal Marshal’s Service and they are doing nothing except covering up the misconduct of their officers and the judges.

This false statement by Judge Holderman amounts to practicing medicine without a license and holding himself more qualified to make psychiatric diagnoses than a board-certified senior psychiatrist. It is a per se defamation of Writer/Shelton’s character.

The letter Judge Holderman quoted from Plaintiff’s psychiatrist (whom she had seen for a year) clearly stated that Plaintiff suffers from Post-Traumatic-Stress Disorder because she was attacked by officers and in one incident went unconscious due to the attack requiring emergency medical treatment. It states that Plaintiff suffers from non-violent flashbacks, which are daytime dreams where the individual relives real and actual events.

The Galatzer Levy letter 5-18-07 can be read at this link.

There are no delusions or hallucinations. Extensive psychiatric exam by a nationally renowned forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Richard Rappaport, proves that writer/Plaintiff suffers from no mental illness except this  PTSD and low level depression over all of these injustices call dysthymia. Dr.  Galatzer-Levy stated that during these brief episodes of “flashback”, induced by  “aggressive actions of officers”,  Plaintiff briefly misperceives ongoing events in an altered state of consciousness (also known as a daytime dream, based on the mind replaying real and actual events – a situation that occurs during “flashbacks”). PTSD is a  condition caused by life-threatening or perceived as life-threatening events. Dr. Galatzer-Levy also writes that Writer/Shelton has a non-violent character. (“It should not be presumed that she becomes violent during these episodes. I have assessed her to have a minimal potential for violence, due to her physical disabilities, poor balance, and weakness, as well as her innate character and personality.”)

Discrimination against a person, who suffers from PTSD with BRIEF flashbacks where they cower, cry, are  non-violent, and are briefly out-of-touch with reality is obscene judicial  misconduct. It is more grotesque as Holderman’s order is being used to purposely induce these flashbacks. The U.S. Marshal staff is using these void orders to escort Plaintiff in the Dirksen Federal Building and as an excuse to  harass her and induce these flashbacks.

The Marshal’s Service is in collusion with a corrupt Assistant Chief Sheriff Nolan in the Daley Center courthouse who has defamed writer/Dr Shelton, to the Marshal’s service through their joint task force on judicial threats. Possibly Nolan or his unknown accomplice ordered Writer/Shelton to be escorted (see page 4 of this document set) at all times in the Daley Center for about six months in 2009 by armed Sheriff deputies as a  form of harassment, claiming that Writer/Shelton was a “judicial threat” (see 1st page of this document set) and was in their “judicial  threat book”. One incident report documenting this unnecessary, unconstitutional harassing escort, states that Writer/Shelton is being  escorted because she is “listed in our book as a judicial threat“. From March 2009 through July 2009 Writer/Shelton was prohibited by Sheriff staff from walking in the Daley Center Courthouse and County Services Building in downtown Chicago without an armed Sheriff’s escort. There was absolutely no basis for this escort except for harassment and intimidation of Writer/Shelton who is a Plaintiff in a number of federal civil rights suits for civil rights violations against her by county sheriff staff.

Both (retire) judge, Hon. R. Bastone, Asst. to Chief Cook County Court Judge Evans, and  1st Deputy Sheriff, Kevin Connelly,
Asst. to Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart, wrote in affidavits (see 2nd and 3rd  page of this document set) that Shelton had never been reported as a “danger, threat, or person of interest” or had any “written or recorded complaints” against her as being a threat to judges. Shelton has  never been convicted of causing a disruption in the Daley Center downtown Cook County Court building. Yet Asst. Chief Nolan, who is in charge of all the Sheriff staff at the Daley Center Court building in a memo (see page 4 in document set) to Acting 1st Asst. Chief Deputy Sheriff Kelly Jackson, falsely stated that “Deputies have been instructed by the undersigned to escort Linda Shelton due to her past disruptive behavior while in Cook County Court facilities.”

Orders by judges that are based on fraudulent statements are void as if they never existed, a nullity. Eventually a higher court will overturn Judge Holderman’s orders. This is also very extreme judicial misconduct.

Holderman’s void order  furthermore bars Plaintiff from making filings in person or filling any new case  or using the law library or other services in the building like the U.S.  Attorney’s Office in person, essentially wiping out Plaintiff’s First Amendment  Constitutional Right to redress of grievances and wiping out her Fifth and  Fourteenth Constitutional Right to due process, knowingly and willingly is an  act of felony treason and conspiracy to violate rights under color of law by  Judge Holderman unless he is mentally incompetent, as well as invalidates all  of the judge’s orders as void. Earle v. McVeigh, 91 US 503, 23 L Ed 398;  Hanson v Denckla, 357 US 235, 2 L Ed 2d 1283, 78 S Ct 1228; Am Jur  Judgments ” 44, 45; Renaud v. Abbott, 116 US 277, 29 L Ed 629, 6 S Ct  1194; Sabariego v Maverick, 124 US 261, 31 L Ed 430, 8 S Ct 461; Kalb v. Feuerstein (1940) 308 US 433, 60  S Ct 343, 84 L ed 370; Ex parte Rowland (1882) 104 U.S. 604, 26 L.Ed.  861; “A judgment which is void upon its face, and which re­quires only an  inspection of the judgment roll to demonstrate its wants of vitality is a dead  limb upon the judicial tree, which should be lopped off, if the power to do so  exists”, People v. Greene, 71 Cal. 100 [16 Pac. 197, 5 Am. St. Rep.  448]; “If a court grants relief, which under the circumstances it hasn’t  any authority to grant, its judgment is to that extent void.” (1 Freeman  on Judgments, 120-c.) An illegal order is forever void; an order that exceeds  the jurisdiction of the court is void, and can be attacked in any proceeding in  any court where the validity of the judgment comes into issue. Rose v.  Himely (1808) 4 Cranch 241, 2 L. Ed 608; Pennoyer v. Neff (1877) 95  U.S. 714, 24 L. Ed. 565; Thompson v. Whitman (1873) 18 Wall 457, 21 l ED  897; Windsor v. McVeigh (1876) 93 U.S. 274, 23 L. Ed. 914; McDonald  v. Mabee (1917) 243 U.S. 90, 37 S. Ct. 343, 61 L ed 608; U.S. v.  Holtzman, 762 F.2d 720 (9th Cir. 1985); courts may not attempt to resolve  controversies which are not properly presented to them for, if they should do  so, it would violate not only the precepts of Constitutional due process, but  would fly in the face of the American tradition of adversary litigation. In Re Custody of Ayala, 344 Ill.3d 574,  800 N.E.2d 524, 534-35 (1st Dis. 2003); Ligon  v. Williams, 264 Ill.App.3d 701, 637 N.E.2d 633, 639 (1st Dis. 1994); In re Estate of Rice, 77 Ill.App.3d 641,  656-57, 396 N.E.2d 298, 310 (1979).

U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Marshall in 1821 wrote: it is “treason on the constitution” when a judge “usurps [the jurisdiction] that which is not given” – which means that if a judge makes up law, and claims power that he does not have, it is an act of treason, Cohens v. Virginia, 6 Wheat. 264, 5 L.Ed 257 (1821).  The U.S. Supreme Court re-iterated this holding in U.S. v. Will, 449 U.S. 200 (1980) by affirming the the statement of Chief Justice Marshall and declaring that violation of law purposely by a judge is unconstitutional.

U.S. Supreme Court judges also decided that it is a,war on the constitutionwhen a judge violates his oath of office to support it [including supporting statutes of a state = due process], Cooper v. Aaron,358 U.S. 1, 78 S.Ct. 1401(1958).

Therefore, since Dishonorable Judge Holderman is blatantly and willfully violating his oath of office by denying any due process to Writer/Shelton in not allowing an evidentiary hearing where Dr. Robert Galatzer-Levy could be called as a witness to refute Judge Hoderman’s false claim about Writer/Shelton’s mental health, he is purposely refusing to allow Writer/Shelton her constitutional 5th  and 14th Amendment rights to due process and removing her 1st Amendment right to redress of grievances (the right to petition the court) without due process of law. Judge Holderman is clearly a traitor and is aiding and abetting felony retaliation against a witness who has evidence against corrupt officials and legitimate complaints. Treason is a violation of federal law 18 U.S.C. 2381 (Treason), which is punishable by five years to life and in some circumstances the death penalty. He also may be guilty of violation of civil rights under color of law and conspiracy to violate civil rights, 18 U.S. C. 241 and 242.

This grotesque violation of Writer’s/Shelton’s constitutional and civil rights, not in one isolated incident but as a pervasive pattern in the Chicago/Cook County State and Federal Courts deserves intense scrutiny, public denouncement and action at the highest levels of government. It reminds this writer of the reason that our founding fathers staged their tea party and started the revolutionary war. The people cannot permit the government to  oppress them, violate their rights and act as a dictator for very long without consequences.

See further evidence of this  pattern of corruption and retaliation against Shelton at:

Cook County Judges

Cook County Sheriff Deputies

Illinois Corruption


11th Circuit – Federal District Court Judge Duffey corrupt

Posted May 7, 2011 by Linda Shelton
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Judge William S. Duffey of the District Court in the Northern District of Georgia also violating oath of office, denying due process, making fraudulent accusations against William Windsor – a fellow whistle blower concerning misconduct of federal judges.

See details of his attacks on Windsor here.

Judge Coar’s de facto illegal suspension of federal habeas in Illinois

Posted January 9, 2011 by Linda Shelton
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Judge David H. Coar has illegally denied several of my petitions for federal petition for writ of habeas corpus regarding several fraudulent arrests of me in retaliation for my complaints and whistle blowing about corrupt officials and police in Illinois and Cook County.

He always rules that I have not exhausted state remedies in dismissing my petitions for habeas relief because I did not appeal the denial of my state habeas petitions to the Illinois Supreme Court.

In Illinois a person may file a habeas petition in either the local court (Cook County Circuit Court before the presiding criminal court judge) if evidentiary issues may be involved or in the Illinois Supreme Court if only issues of law are involved as the Illinois Supreme Court ruled they have no provision for an evidentiary hearing.

The United States Supreme Court in Woods v. Niersheimer, 328 U.S. 211, 66 S.Ct. 996, 90 L.Ed 1177 (1946), argued by then Attorney and later United States Attorney under President Ford, Edward Levy, held that there is no law or rule in Illinois that permits an appeal of a petition for writ of habeas corpus when filed in the local court in Illinois. They also held that therefore, the local court in this case should be considered the “highest” court in Illinois and that jurisdiction for appeal lies ONLY with the United States Supreme Court when a petition for writ of habeas corpus is denied in the Circuit Court of Cook County.

Therefore, ALL of Judge Coar’s decisions in my habeas cases, as well as all of the Illinois District Courts’ decisions dismissing habeas petitions under similar circumstances, dismissing them for failure to exhaust state remedies are null and void as a violation of United States Supreme Court holdings and therefore a violation of his (or their) oath of office. He should sue sponte vacate his decisions and hear all the habeas petitions he has denied.

I publicly in this post request the United States Attorney Holder and the Federal Judicial Conference to investigate this matter ASAP.

For more information read the response that the Illinois Supreme Court made to the United State’s Supreme Court order demanding that they clarify Illinois habeas law:

People v. Loftus, 400 Ill. 432, 81 N.E.2d 495 (1948)

Motion to federal court to vacate dismissal of suit against corrupt IL Attorney General

Posted December 6, 2010 by Linda Shelton
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Dr. Shelton submitted a motion to vacate dismissal of suit due to errors of Judge Joan H. Lefkow in reading her amended complaint and memorandum of law about lack of jurisdiction of IL Attorney General to prosecute Medicaid Fraud and therefore lack of Judges Jorge Alonso and Kathleen Pantle to accept the fraudulent indictment issued in 2004, which produced a wrongful and fraudulent trial where Dr. Shelton was found NOT GUILTY.

This suit holds the corrupt Illinois Attorney General Madigan and her staff AAG John Fearon and Murray, along with Judges Alonso and Pantle, who refused to seriously read motions to dismiss the case for lack of jurisdiction; illegally held Shelton in contempt four times (two cases overturned by IL Appellate Court thus far); refused to carefully read the law and cases cited by Shelton; and summarily refused to dismiss the case for lack of jurisdiction (in acts of judicial corruption) along with the incompetent and malicious Illinois State Police Investigator William Riebel and his supervisors Patrick Keenan and others responsible for malicious prosecution, illegal incarceration, wrongful contempt findings legally liable.

The ONLY time a judge or prosecutor or investigator can be held legally liable is when they have absolutely no jurisdiction as in this case (see jurisdictional memorandum above) – the state fully admits this fact in this motion document’s exhibits – applications by the IL Medicaid Fraud Control Unit (MFCU) for re-certification in 2000-2006 to the US-DHHS and for funding.

These documents PROVE WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that the IL Attorney General and State Police knew before they fraudulently indicted Shelton that they had no jurisdiction to do so. They even state in these sworn documents to the federal government that they refer ALL Medicaid Fraud prosecution to the United States Attorney. So they lied to the federal government in a grant application (fraud) to obtain money for the IL MFCU, because they actually did illegally prosecute at least 4 people.

So the IL MFCU with attached personnel from the office of the IL AG fraudulently obtained millions of dollars per year, some of which they used to illegally prosecute whistle blowers for Medicaid fraud including Dr. Linda Shelton, Vernon Glass, M.S. (deceased), Dr. Maisha Hamilton, and Naomi Jennings in three separate cases. See: under categories “Judge Jorge Alonso” and “Judge Kathleen Pantle” for more information, along with the above links.

If Judge Lefkow denies this motion, then it is clear that she is aiding and abetting the cover-up of corruption in Illinois in the Attorney General’s office and in the Cook County Courts.

Also see article about illegal, treasonous, and wrongful conviction of Dr. Shelton for criminal contempt simply for the legal act of filing a next-friend habeas petition and when the judge refused to hear it in violation of IL law, she told the judge that he was committing an act of treason (quoting the U.S. Supreme Court holdings that when a judge violates the law and prior U.S. Supreme Court holdings he violates his oath of office and commits treason).

STOP ILLINOIS CORRUPTION: Please donate to Dr. Shelton’s legal fund (NOT tax deductible) as she is in great need of funds to: make check to Albukerk & Associates (Shelton Legal Fund), and mail to Albukerk & Associates, 111 E. Wacker Dr., Suite 555, Chicago, IL 60601

Deputy U.S. Marshal Wahenda steals painkillers

Posted May 5, 2010 by Linda Shelton
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Deputy U.S. Marshal Wahenda besides assaulting me in the Dirksen Federal Building and interfering with my business in the building, falsely arrested me and while doing so stole painkillers (Tramadol) that I use for neuropathic pain  (my prescription bottle). See for details:

I complained to the Chicago Director of the U.S. Marshal Service AUSM O’Malley and the Investigative Office of the U.S. Marshal Service where I filed a formal complaint that he stole painkillers from me, assaulted me, and wrongfully arrested me. They are investigating, but no one has done anything so far to recover the stolen drugs.

DUSM Wahenda is a thief and a criminal.

What Seventh Circuit Court judges need to learn – lesson 1

Posted April 11, 2010 by Linda Shelton
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“Experience should teach us to be most on guard to protect liberty when the Government’s purposes are beneficent. Men born to freedom are naturally alert to repel invasion of their liberty by evil-minded rulers. The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.” U.S. v. Olmstead – Justice Brandeis